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Tracheostomy is defined as the communication of the trachea with the exterior through a hole called a stoma.


Certain pathologies cause respiratory failure due to paralysis of the muscles, preventing the normal mechanism of respiration from producing properly. In these cases, patients need an airway for air intake that is neither the nose nor the mouth for safety. In these types of situations, a surgeon performs the tracheostomy.


This route can be temporary or permanent, depending on the pathology that causes respiratory failure.


A tube is housed in this hole, which allows air to enter and exit so that the patient can breathe

through him. A ventilator can also be attached to take the breaths that the patient cannot take due to their pathology.



Tracheostomy care is oriented :


• To the stoma: hole made by the surgeon

• At the change of cannula.

• To the aspiration of secretions.

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