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Clinica Vindas Y Asociados

The first steps of our clinic began in 2005 in the canton of San Pablo de Heredia and arose with the aim of offering quality dentistry, which allows an improvement in the health of our population.


All these factors have allowed us to evolve towards a cutting-edge dentistry, based on the latest advances and the use of the most innovative technologies.



In 2015 we achieved the SME seal that was awarded to the Vindas y Asociados Clinic by the MEIC (Ministry of Economy, Industry and Commerce) for being a Costa Rican company in the service sector that complies with all the country's legislation (labor and tax).

Clinica Vindas y Asociados


Our services

Other services

  • Retained third molar surgery (wisdom teeth)

  • Oral tissue biposias

  • Endodontic Surgery

  • Periodontal Surgery

  • Oral Surgery (frenectomies, crown lengthening, etc)

  • Pediatric dentistry

  • Home visit to patients who cannot go to the Dental Clinic (only to make total Acrylic prostheses)

  • Total prostheses with high resistance to fracture (Microwave Polymerizable Acrylic Type 5)

  • Partial dentures with high resistance to fracture (Microwave Polymerizable Acrylic Type5)

  • Chromocobalt partial dentures

  • Dental prophylaxis

  • Periodontics

  • Dental Operative

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