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When is orthodontic treatment necessary?

An orthodontic treatment (braces) is necessary when there are problems with the bite, the teeth are crowded, or widely separated, there are double rows of teeth giving the impression that they do not fit in the mouth. The patient bites with the upper teeth very far forward or further back than the lower ones, crossing the bite.


In some more severe cases the bite may be deviated to the sides causing the teeth to look unsightly and have poor chewing functionality.


In any case at Clinica Vindas Y Asociados we have our specialist in orthodontics and functional orthopedics of the jaws.


Our Clinic offers the following types of orthodontic treatments :




Metal braces or braces are the most used treatment technique in Orthodontics.


At the Vindas y Asociados Clinic, first-class, non-recycled materials are used, placing the patient only last generation brackets from the renowned 3M Unitek brand




It consists of a series of practically invisible and removable aligners that are periodically exchanged for a new set of aligners. Each of the aligners is made specifically for your problem, and only for your teeth. As you change aligner, your teeth will move, little by little, week after week, until they are aligned and in the final position.


If you are ready for a smile that will change your appearance, Invisalign is the answer you have been waiting for.


This successful treatment was born in the United States a few years ago and today more than 2.5 million people around the world have already discovered its benefits.


Not all orthodontists can perform this treatment since extensive training is necessary for Invisalign to certify a center as authorized.




It is an Orthodontic technique that can be metallic or transparent; The innovation lies in that it eliminates the need to use elastic or metallic ligatures to hold the archwire to the brackets (braces), making the treatment more comfortable and easier to clean.


In some cases, the treatment period can be shortened, resulting in a great smile with exceptional comfort.


Maxillofacial Orthopedics



Maxillofacial Orthopedics treatment in children should be performed when there is a problem in the growth of the maxillary bones. Complications treated by the orthodontic and maxillofacial orthopedic specialist include:


  • Sagittal bone problems: there is an inadequate growth of the upper jaw or mandible either due to its size (larger or smaller) or its position (forward or backward).


  • Transverse bone problems: These are compression problems (smaller size) or dilations (larger size) of the upper jaw or the mandible in width. Mandibular deviations to the left or right are also included.


  • Vertical Bone Problems: When the problems are in the vertical development of the maxillary bones, which causes long faces (due to excessive growth) or short faces (due to lack of growth).

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