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Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening can be performed on a set of aesthetically compromised teeth with a tone that the patient defines as "yellowish" or on a single tooth that may have darkened after root canal or dental trauma .


Teeth whitening can be:


  • Internal teeth whitening (on non-vital teeth)

  • External teeth whitening

Internal Whitening



It is a tooth with endodontics (nerve treatment) and that it has darkened giving an unaesthetic appearance to the tooth at the Vindas y Asociados Clinic we have exclusive products only to whiten this type of teeth with spectacular results from the first date.

External Whitening



Teeth whitening represents the foundation of cosmetic dentistry and is generally indicated at the beginning of a broader cosmetic treatment as a non-invasive procedure.


Tooth whitening therapy is defined as a dose-dependent pharmacological treatment for topical use on the enamel surface of teeth with pulp vitality and also to be placed directly in contact with the coronal dentin.


Whitening products act on extrinsic pigments and also diffuse into the dentin-pulp complex, interacting with naturally pigmented substances in the dentin, with the essential purpose of leaving them less pigmented, that is, lighter.

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