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Mas x Menos Norte de San Pablo de Heredia

Oficina Terapia Respiratoria



Clinica Vindas y Asociados


You will receive a personalized service thanks to the fact that we have a team of qualified doctors who seek to satisfy your needs and expectations, in addition, we work with the best dental laboratories in Costa Rica to give our patients excellent aesthetics.

Respiratory Therapy

The Respiratory Therapy Service carries out prevention, diagnosis, treatment and education activities, as part of the comprehensive management of patients with acute or chronic cardio-respiratory disorders.

Eliminate snoring now!

We are the pioneers in the OdontoApnea system, we are the only accredited clinic for the placement and manufacture of the intraoral device.

The OdontoApnea device is a treatment performed by our team with specific training and training for the treatment of sleep disorders.



- The most comfortable anti-snoring device on the Costa Rican market


- Eliminate snoring without invasive surgeries

- Ideal substitute to use on the go instead of CPAP


- Allows all normal movements of the mouth.


- It can be easily regulated.

Clinica Vindas y Asociados

Vindas y Asociados Clinic

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