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What is "All on four"?



All on four is a new implant treatment indicated for all those people who suffer the total or partial loss of their teeth or have them very deteriorated. Now, with this new technique, everyone can recover the aesthetics and functionality of their mouth, which will ultimately translate into a better quality of life.


What is the "All on four" technique?



It involves placing only four implants that provide optimal and safe support for placing a bridge.

The process is simple: the patient enters the clinic in the morning, undergoes surgery that usually lasts between 2 and 3 hours, and leaves with all four implants in place. In the afternoon, the provisional prosthesis will be placed. One months later the definitive prosthesis is made. This technique is usually highly recommended for a total rehabilitation of the mouth.

With "All on four" all are advantages; It is a definitive solution, the smile and the functionality of the mouth are recovered, and with only four implants we restore a full arch. The "All on four" system is a simple treatment with a success rate of over 95%.



For which patients is indicated

and what care should a patient have?




It is indicated for all types of patients, what “All on four” contributes is that the rehabilitation is done with four implants, even those patients with little bone who until recently had to undergo bone grafting.



As for the care, the patient must follow a semi-soft diet after the prosthesis and implants are placed. As for daily hygiene, you should brush as if they were your own teeth. Irrigation brushes are highly recommended so that food remains can be cleaned under the prosthesis. With the definitive prosthesis, the same hygiene must be maintained, there is even a specific dental floss for this type of prosthesis. As far as food is concerned, the patient must maintain a normal diet.

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